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Toban Engineering specialise in spiral freezing systems, and we carry that expertise over to spiral conveyor systems. Typically used in production environments where space is at a premium, spiral conveyors (often referred to as vertical conveyors), are often a necessity in transporting packaged products and food through the various stages in the production or process flow.

If good quality components are used in the manufacture of the spiral system, and if they are properly coated for wear protection, then they can be run continuously in the production process. Spiral conveyors have a reputation for high reliability, but proper maintenance procedures must be followed to ensure this.

If you are running spiral conveyors as part of your production process or are considering it, then you should ensure you implement a well though-out maintenance programme to ensure the equipment lasts and downtime is reduced.



Toban Engineering provide our engineering services on the full range of mechanical conveying systems. Naturally we are able to carry out the routine maintenance tasks such as belt replacements and tracking (including stainless steel, plastic and wire mesh), drive train re-alignment, and timings.



We carry out repairs and modifications on conveyor systems for clients in all industries and locations. We can mobilise teams of experienced engineers and mechanical fitters, and have them on-site to complete emergency repairs to your conveyors, getting your production process back up and running and minimising downtime and lost revenue.

Just like with our spiral freezer maintenance programmes, we can schedule preventative maintenance for conveyor systems and reduce the possibility that emergency callouts will be required at all.



Toban Engineering Conveyor Services List

The following aspects of our conveyor and spiral conveyor services are worth consideration;

  • Specialist in Belt Conversions.
  • Suppliers of both Stainless Steel or Plastic Belts.
  • Belt Fitting Service.
  • Conveying Systems Designed, Manufactured and Installed.
  • Specialists in Precision Wire Mesh Belt Transfers.