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Toban Engineering UK offer a comprehensive range of fully refurbished, second hand spiral freezers available for purchase, installation and servicing. With such a high proportion of our time spent working on-site on spiral freezers and conveyors, we are in an excellent position to know what equipment is available, and what equipment is likely to become available in the near future.


Now Available

This is the detail of the spiral we have:

Triphase spiral Freezer
Belt Width:   863mm overall
Belt Type:  Grid type stainless steel belt with mesh overlay.
No of Tiers:   13
Tier Pitch: 170mm
Maximum Product Height: 70mm
Drum Diameter:  3,142mm
Belt Length/Tier:    + 15.30m
Effective Belt Length:  + 200m
Approx. enclosure dims (external): 8300 L x 6400 W x 3600 H
Infeed Height:  + 900mm
Outfeed Height:  + 3,170mm
Power  Supply:    415v/3 Ph/50Hz
Evaporator Material:  St/Stl tubes & St/Stl fins
Evaporator Duty:  148Kw

CFS Spiral freezer
18” belt 457mm, flights worn, belt in good order
Small radius
15 tiers
Tier pitch 140
Max product height 75mm
Enclosure 4.8x7150x4.0mtrs, can lose approximately 600mm of all 3 dimensions if required
In-feed height 800mm
Discharge height 2700mm


IMG_0284 (2)      IMG_0290

Triphase Spiral Cooler
18 Tiers
190mm Tier Pitch
Belt Width 1092mm
Drum Diameter 3714mm
Drum Height 3600mm
Approximate Belt Length 335 meters



If you would like to know about the equipment and machinery we have available please contact us